Beauboeuf Montillo: My Exclusive Lost Loves Spotify Playlist

Don't go away mad...

Girl, don’t go away mad… just go away.

During last night’s podcast, Teddie shouted out my music selection abilities during our virginity story time. Those songs are actually from my Spotify playlist: Beauboeuf Montillo. I have foolishly allowed many girls to flutter and fritter in and out of my life. This playlist is named after 2 of those lost loves.

I’d recommend hitting shuffle for a full, varied effect. They aren’t in any order or of any specific genre. Some are songs the girl introduced to me. Most are songs I introduced or associate with them.


As an added bonus, if you are one of those girls, and want to know what song(s) is/are meant for you, just hit me up. I will gladly give you a verbose explanation that will quickly remind you why you stopped bothering with my lame ass.

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And here is the Spotify playlist…

Author: Ron

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