All apologies for being sick and other shit

A.J. Lee

I doubt it was my comeuppance that I would suffer through a week long sickness and a debilitating attack of gout in the same week. Combine that with the ongoing technical difficulties of getting this website’s kinks worked out. Maybe all my years of trolling, race baiting, and misogyny had come back to roost. The picture above is what I found when I searched for “misogyny” on Google. Instead of the goofy cartoons, I chose WWE Diva AJ Lee.

Anyways I am not going to change the way I think. Subjugating opinions strengthens resolve. If you are trying to convince people of the opposite, use persuasion or facts.

New podcast in the next day.

In the meantime, here’s Queen Latifah. WHO YOU CALLING A BITCH?!

Author: Ron

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