Introducing… Matt Barnes

While RLTLK is a podcast focused on music and pop culture, we are also sports fans. In particular we are Houston sports fans, so we are following the Houston Rockets in the NBA Playoffs. Currently they are tied 1 game apiece vs the Los Angeles Clippers in a testy Western Conference Semifinals.

Trash talk is the de riguer for the NBA in general.


Apparently Matt Barnes took it too far.

I guess he had to specify his dick size for James’s mom.

For the record, Matt Barnes is exactly the type of player you hate except when he’s on your team. Considering how he grew up, I definitely understand why he plays the way he does. All out.

A new podcast will be released in the next 24 hours or so. Just hold tight and be patient. Thank you.

UPDATE: Matt Barnes apologized. Thank you, TMZ_Sports. -ron

Author: Ron

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