The Good Blood Moon or Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood

Last night everybody was fascinated with the blood moon eclipse soul harvest event that many of us couldn’t see anyways because of all the cloud cover. But you know that I rarely care about celestial events except when the event sounds like an anagram of a beautiful actress, like the aforementioned Moon Bloodgood, the actress you hire when you wanted Tia Carrere and learned that she way too old for demanding sci-fi ambiguously Asian roles.

Wait, have I not learned my lesson about talking about legitimately famous people on this public forum? Of course not. Because we at RLTLK want attention, too! But no longer will I use unnecessary cheapshots like sexual innuendos or easily disprovable statements. Because lawyers are real and need money.

New RLTLK episode will be posted sometime between tomorrow and the next harvest blood moon eclipse.

Author: Ron

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